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Gabriel Barcaru

Business Mentoring and Strategy

Locatie: Manchester

Tarif: Negociabil

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BRIDCON supports start-ups and small to medium businesses to design and implement advanced strategic and tactical management solutions, ensuring sustainable growth in competitive and challenging environments.

We advise entrepreneurs, decision-makers and companies on how to increase revenues and supercharge performance, so they can evolve and adapt to a continuously changing market. Merging human behaviour with business strategy changes the meaning of growth from a costly trial and error exercise to a predictable and measurable experience.

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    Rezolvă-ți dilemele din afaceri vorbind cu un consultant de business. Acesta poate evalua și furniza posibile soluții pentru diferite ipostaze ale afacerii, te poate ajuta să construiești un plan de afaceri viabil, dar și să reorganizezi compania.

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