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Raluca Ioana CIBU BUZAC

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Locatie: Timisoara

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I founded Luminspino with the mission to accompany a selected number of managers throughout their company’s shift into enhanced performance. Luminspino's consulting approach is creative, experiential, custom-made and highly qualitative.

Our services are dedicated to managers, innovators and seekers from companies and organisations of all sectors, ages and sizes that have one common trait: the urge to embark on an evolutionary path.

At Luminspino, we believe that creating impact from innovation stands at the core of the services provided for the benefit of our clients’ growth.

Each service can be offered as a single consulting package, or they can be delivered as a mix of tools, depending solely on our clients’ needs and ambition:

- Innovation management

- Proposal writing for European programmes managed by the EC - European Innovation Council, Horizon Europe

- Investment readiness

- Technology Transfer

- Customised consulting

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  • Consultanță business

    Cere-le sfatul celor mai pricepuți decât tine în lansarea și dezvoltarea unor afaceri. Te pot ajuta cu un sfat privind un plan de afaceri viabil, sau pot face alături de tine strategia de creștere ca să devii, de ce nu, următorul unicorn românesc.

  • Management strategic
  • Plan de afaceri
  • Fonduri europene

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