Johnny Ilca

Master English Coach/Mentor

Locatie: Cluj Napoca

Tarif: Negociabil

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Calling all startup founders;

Do you:

  • struggle to communicate in English?

  • get nervous when interacting with people in English?

  • fear that you’ll lose a potential client due to your embarrassing level of English?

From a fellow entrepreneur, now offering premium sessions just for startup founders!


End result:

  • more confidence

  • express yourself more like a native

  • communicate more efficiently

About me:

I grew up speaking Romanian with my parents at home and English in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a standard American English accent. I teach upper beginner (A2) English or higher. 


  • Microphone/headset

  • Computer

  • Stable internet connection

  • Free 60 minute assessment

What I provide:

  • 1 hour English lesson

    • 45 minutes of live conversational practice

    • 15 minutes feedback, discussion, logistics

  • 1 hour personalized mentoring, coaching, and/or consulting

  • Direct line of communication with max 48 hour response time


  • Payment required upon full session reservation

  • Lateness: If the client is late 15 minutes or more, they are considered absent and the meeting may be dismissed.

  • Full terms and conditions can be found here:

Example English lesson structure & video sample:

  • Materials used in an English lesson:

  • Full lesson recording:

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