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Roxana Gramada

Copy that moves the world

Locatie: Bucuresti

Tarif: 750 lei / ora

Negociabil / proiect

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In your industry, you push boundaries rather than papers. Charter new territory.
And you need to capture the right essence of your work and box it into output that connects and converts.
What’s taken you months or years on your own could be ready in weeks. Or days.

Clients call me the Un-tangler. Alien. Essence Extractor. Because I enter the world of your brand or idea, interpret what’s inside and bring out what you need.

I call it your idea DNA. Find it. Write it. And replicate it. That’s my work.

Specialties: UVPs, pitching, website copy, epic blog posts and profiles. Plus dramatic one liners to have them at hello.

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  • Strategii de promovare

    Un produs bun se vinde singur. Dar numai dacă lumea a auzit de el. Din acest motiv, promovarea business-ului este absolut necesară. Găsește oamenii de comunicare, marketing, PR sau copywriting care te pot ajuta să-ți faci ”reclamă” atunci când ești la început de drum.

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