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Mihai Magirescu

Business Storytellers

Locatie: Bucharest

Tarif: 100 lei / ora

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Even you are an online shop, restaurant, hotel chain, manufacturer, what represents numbers in your business? Let me tell you, nothing, without a logical interpretation in time and a story behind, represents nothing.

  Imagine that you are a worldwide shop that merchandise home accessories, from Electronics to Pillows and Furniture. One of the most important KPI for your business is Sales Performance and our storytellers could help you to have a daily to monthly overview of your business in a way that you can track anytime your most important indicators from your smartphone.

  Key Perfomance Indicators. Our storytellers could design for you an unique template to track any KPI that you consider relevant for your business and also could help you to recognize them and implement in daily company activity.

  • Revenue Growth
  • Income Sources
  • Revenue Concentration
  • Profitability Over Time
  • Working Capital


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  • Consultanță business

    Rezolvă-ți dilemele din afaceri vorbind cu un consultant de business. Acesta poate evalua și furniza posibile soluții pentru diferite ipostaze ale afacerii, te poate ajuta să construiești un plan de afaceri viabil, dar și să reorganizezi compania.

  • Contabilitate financiara
  • Plan de afaceri
  • Management strategic

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