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Mihai Sararu

Data Scientist Wannabe

Locatie: bucuresti

Tarif: 100 lei / ora

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Good day, I would like to apply for your company’s newest job listing.

            I have previous IT experience for more than ten years, and I have dedicated a lot of my time in the last one and a half year to studying the field of Data Science. I have several completion certificates as Introduction in SQL, Intermediate for Python, and The Complete Boot Camp for Data Science.

            I can preprocess data in Excel and export it into Python for further manipulation in .csv format also can export from Python the processed data into Tableau and with it I can summarize meaningful insights drawn from the relevant graphs.

            Although I don’t have any previous experience in the Data Science field I have a portfolio on , you can conclude from my submitted projects that right now I am located in the top 20% in rankings.

            In Python I am familiar with TensorFlow, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and with basic understanding of Machine Learning.

            I am looking for a position in the Data Science Department that does not involve the Machine Learning part, if possible. My best fit in this department will be for data preprocess or data interpretation through Tableau.

            Thank you for your interest.

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