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Marius Constantinescu

Business GATE

Locatie: Bucuresti

Tarif: Negociabil

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With more than 25 years of combined experience in managing engineering, sales and marketing operations, in industrial and commercial environment, I have developed the types of skills that are particularly effective at satisfying customers, increasing revenues and closing sales.

Some of my key qualifications include:

  • A valuable blend of engineering leadership, resourcefulness and financial skills that combines efficiency with imagination to produce highly effective bottom – line results. Client centric.
  • Hands on in developing effective action plans in Project, Engineering, QHSE, Service& Maintenance, and Process, as well as in Sales Management B2B and Retail, creating long range focus and devising innovative methods for tactically implementing those ideas.
  • Solid background and training in areas where sales expertise, administration, organization interpersonal communications, motivation and management. Expertise in Commissioning.
  • Ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results through the use of a flexible management style and practical skills that are easily transported between different industries.
  • Solid experience of working in teams and cross functional teams.
  • Very good business relations in the CEE. Work experience in Middle East.

Thank you for your consideration.



Marius Constantinescu                                  

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