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Creating positive change

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Do you need to create a positive change in your life? Are you looking for a greater purpose to contribute to the world around you? You are in the right place. Through Uprise Action, I’m encouraging you to discover your inner values, find your why and be the change you want to see in the world. We are enrolling together in a journey of self-exploration, awareness and transformational action. With the help of coaching and photography.

In this time of disruption, it’s our responsibility to build the world we’d love to live in. And we cannot do so unless we create the best version of ourselves, and then ask how we can make things better around us. Uprise Action is my answer to “how can I make things better around here?”.

Totul din:

  • Coaching

    Ai ajuns într-un impas sau afacerea ta are nevoie de o împrospătare? Un coach te poate ajuta să realizezi un obiectiv personal sau profesional concret furnizându-ți sfaturi, formare și îndrumare.

  • Training

    Învață ceva nou sau specializează-te pe ceea ce faci deja. Vorbește cu un trainer care te poate ghida.

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