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Our mission is bringing value to the table for entrepreneurs around the world.
Team's main assets are the entrepreneurial mindset "We can do better", the customer-centered approach to problem solving and the agile way that underlies our efforts.

We nurture and take responsibility for businesses by:
- growing startups from ground up
- give them a head-start with our deploy-able language-agnostic framework stacks
- providing technical and business know-how for finding the shortest path to accomplish the objectives.

Our technical capabilities cover extensively all the requirements and nice-to-haves for any startup:
Mobile-first, offline-first web development
Hybrid and Native mobile development, including library development
Automated testing
Maintenance and site reliability

Jiratech's success stories consists in 10+ startups that entrusted us.
Together, we designed and implemented robust solutions for clients in Romania, US and Germany.
The domains of activity includes accounting, smart automation, tourism, IoT and telecommunications.

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