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Gabriel Dombri

Building and launching a mobile product

Locatie: Cluj-Napoca

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I run Tapptitude, an awesome product agency specialised in defining, building and launching mobile products for scalable tech startups from all over the world. Check us at 

If you're a startup with a plan to solve some real world problems with a mobile product, I can help in a few areas: 


We run Discovery workshops and consultancy sessions that help you get from that cool idea you have to the point where your entire product is fully defined, from Business Model, to Value Proposition and Monetisation, to Product Architecture and user stories. 


With my team in Tapptitude, we're used to work with some great startups founders and digital innovators to help them build their products. Our expertise is in taking a defined product to the stores, with all the typical product components covered: 

  • UX / UI design
  • iOS and Android Development 
  • Backend Development 
  • Web Admins & CRM development 
  • Testing 
  • Product Management

With over 5 years of building products, we've got quite a bit of knowledge and a sheer focus on delivering products that help you grow a business around. 


Building a product is usually half the job when launching a startup and usually not the most important. The other more significand - and more difficult - half is getting that product to market. 

With over 10 years of doing digital strategy and launching quite a few products, I can help with the following bits: 

  • Create a Go-To-Market strategy
  • Build a launching plan, with audiences, channels, tactis & testing mechanics
  • Choose the right KPIs for your startups and setup an analytics infrastructure
  • Create an MVP validation plan

Sounds like something you might need? - Ping me to jump on a chat. 

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